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Photos of Lucio Brigante at the Australia Show / Cesenatico / Home

Sunday June 19 at 6 pm at Rome 42 Spazio Arte, at Viale Rome 42, 42a in CesenaticoThe Lucio Brigante’s photo exhibition “Planet Earth. Australia” curated by Lea Briganti. The exhibition will continue Until July 22 Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 3 pm to 7 pm and Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm. admission is Free.

musician, athlete, traveler, Lucio BrigantYou have cultivated another ‘family passion’, which is Photography. Since childhood he has photographed his family during vacations and MotoGP motorcycle racing with his father, Eduardo Kodak; He developed and printed the photographs himself in the small photo lab his father set up for him and his 12-year-old sister, Leah.

Sporting and musical events, the places he visited in his travels, are the characteristic themes of his portrait. Lucio’s travels were paths to discover and learn about places, cultures and about himself. L ‘ Europe, Asia, America and Australia, were the destinations of his travels and reports. in Exhibition “Planet Earth. Australia”Natural parks, magnificent coastlines and sacred places for Indigenous Australians, are the main themes of the photo report documenting Lucio Brigante’s trip to Australia between January and February 2002.

The landscapes depicted often look rough and dry, in a particularly rainy frugal year on the Fifth Continent. However, these photos look suggestive. Thanks to Pentax, Canon and powerful telephoto lenses, he has been able to create unique images of Australia’s natural wonders, such as Kata Tjuta or Olgas or Cliffs of Apollo Bay.

shots from Equipped van operationCapture the vistas of wild landscapes, where nature dominates the flow of time and life. Australia’s changing skies cast different shades and shades on the boundless grasslands and drought-stricken hills. Even these blazing landscapes retain their beauty and poetry, in the sweetness of forms, in an inaccessible elegance. but Three hundred and ten shots from Australia, Most dedicated to natural gardensto the trip itself, carefully documented, and some photos of travel companions captured in everyday life.

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real australia pictures travel diary, where every day a sound and wild nature is discovered. For Lucio Briganti, the natural and essential beauty of the Australian landscape is a dimension of life and existence.

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