Photographer Francesca Sulli / PhotoDay wins the Ussi Prize

Rome – It is the award winning Acea Run Rome marathon which on September 19, 2021, famous, but also unique and unrepeatable, Alba Racing Special Edition.

In the last remainder of the summer, the marathon ran in Rome starting at 6.45 a.m., the first rays of the sun and a new dawn, in the magic of those silent silent hours, Rome was, ideally and materially, the new beginning of the world marathon after the darkest and most difficult associated with the epidemic.

Among the many snapshots taken that morning, there was one very special to get to know USSI’s Prestigious Journalism Contest “Sports and Who Tells It” The 2021 edition, named in memory of his colleague Franco Lauro, was organized jointly by the Italian Sports Press Federation, FNSI, the Syndicate of Journalists and the Morialdi Foundation.

In the “Photography” section, a victory in pink thanks to the free spear Francesca Sulli with photo: “At dawn I will win the 2021 Rome Marathon”, The Awards Ceremony was held this morning in Rome, in the CONI Hall of Honor.

The winners of the five categories of the competition will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, and many sports entities participate in the award ceremony, such as CIP President Luca PancalliAthletes, heroes of the past and present, as well as the first signatures of the sports press.

Who is Francesca Sulli-Modeniz, a freelance journalist and photographer, is one of the most respected names in sports photography in Italy. I also gained a lot of experience in the fields of Serie A Football, Champions League Football, basketball, volleyball, cycling and a lot of running. For four years he, together with Cesare Monetti, founded the photography agency Phototoday, at the moment the most important in the world of “endurance” in Italy with more than 100 events annually including marathons, triathlons or cycling. Francesca Sulli on the occasion of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2021, as well as in the very last edition of March 27, 2022, with Phototoday She was responsible for a team of 6 photographers Dedicated to the press office of the Capitoline event. A particularly exciting shot, an image that has been circulated around the world, to show that the sport can resume.

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These are all the prizes:

Radio – Dario Ricci (Radio 24) won the “Radio Reportage” section with a service: “On the Streets of Valentino Rossi”. His successor, Maurizio Ruggeri Faciani (RadioRaiUno).

Video – Monica Matano (Raisport) was first in the Video Reportage section with Nicole Orlando: Don’t Say I Can’t Do It. In second place are the duo Stefania Kappa and Manuel Notari (Webb Riseport).

Photography – in the “Photography” section, he triumphed in pink thanks to the harpoon Francesca Sulli with the photo: “At dawn I will win, the Marathon of Rome 20-21.” It was succeeded by independent Roberto Trabuchi.

Under 40 – Among the youth “Under 40 in print and on the Internet” the success of Alberto Dolphin (La Stampa) with a report: “Oksana Masters, the extraordinary story of a Paralympic star”. Mention the second ranked Gabriella Cantafio (VanityFair).

Over 40 – Finally, another women’s win among the “Over 40 print and web” thanks to Monica Colombo (Corriere della Sera) with the report: “Milan-Inter, choreography in the derby: born in the darkest days of Covid”. She was succeeded by Alberto Caprotti (Avenir).

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