Photo Without Magic of Kamala Harris: Vogue reissues the case

Vogue will release a new limited edition of its February issue only to alter the character’s dress on the cover of new US Vice President Kamala Harris.

The published photo has been severely criticized, because it represents the first black woman to be appointed to the position of Vice President, as black women, according to stereotypes, are expected to wear cheap clothes and sneakers. Now Michael Kors jacket, brighter lights and golden background will do justice to the new post-acquisition release.

It’s a bad thing for Vogue, which faced heavy criticism last year for discrimination against black employees in the editorial office. Anna Wintour, the immortal and immovable legendary filmmaker, apologized, admitting that “Vogue did not do enough to promote and give space to black journalists, writers, photographers, designers and creative people. We have made mistakes ourselves by posting images or stories that may be painful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for these mistakes.

Taking responsibility for mistakes is not enough, however, not to repeat them, and the first photo of Kamala Harris was really disappointed: a plain-fitting brown jacket and pants, white shirt and on the feet a pair of Converse unsuitable for the high institutional role it was to hire. The scenery was also very bad, with a crumpled pink cloth on the floor that seemed to be waiting for the cleaners to arrive. Even the lights, very low, darkened the Vice President’s face, while making a final a far cry from the usual luster of sophisticated “Vogue” covers of the Wintour era.

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The Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givan was the first to sense outrage: “Vogue – wrote – I stole Harris’ flowers. The magazine could have helped a little bit with photo decisions. Nothing on the cover says “Wow.” Sometimes what all black women want is “success” to admire and celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

The photo was taken by Tyler Mitchell, who in 2018 was the first African-American photographer to make a cover for US Vogue, but this fig leaf wasn’t enough to protect Anna Wintour from criticism. The director replied that she was sorry, because she did not mean, that she did not want to underestimate the importance of the stunning victory, and then decided to print a new issue more appropriate to the circumstances. But in a limited edition, you can say that it was done without much money.

In the new photo, Kamala Harris is well lit against a golden background decorating the photo, and she wears a jacket by American designer Kors’ favorite Melania Trump, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. But dressing up like the Vice President’s First Lady is only the first step.

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