Phone call able to empty your account: Phishing alarm, don’t answer

It sounds unbelievable, however, there is a new really deceptive scam that is able to literally empty the existing account of Italians.

It’s called voice phishing and unfortunately it has also reached Italy. Let’s see how it works because according to experts it is a fraud of exceptional severity.

a call Seemingly trivial, but with dire consequences. We answer a phone call seemingly like others and the voice on the phone tells us it’s calling us from our bank. The phone call is theoretically specifically intended to protect us from fraudThis is why new security protocols need to be enabled to ensure our account is from malicious people. Actually all this is not true, but whoever puts this scam into place is so clever that we have to believe it. We are asked to do something that seems simple and mundane. We were told that we will receive a code via text message and all we have to do is read the code For the person on the other side of the phone. So it’s a really trivial thing that anyone would agree to do especially if the request is coming from their own bank and for security reasons.

A very serious and new scam

However, this very simple gesture is enough to drain our account. But how can reading a code received via a text message drain our existing account? This is probably the most deceptive scam circulating online today and it is called phishing. at this point Too little old-fashioned link scam to click on an email or message And this new method of computer fraud is really capable of killing many victims. But experts say we should be especially careful: If we receive such phone calls Let’s put it right away.

A company in this way lost 59,000 euros

above all Let’s refuse to communicate any code that arrives via SMS. Banks do not start in this way to activate security measures and in any case if we have doubts We should go to our bank and ask if what we have been told is true. According to the Consumer Protection Association, Italian ConsomerA company in Rome was robbed 59,000 euros Just to believe this phone call.

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The victim in this case is the director of a company in the capital. I went to the bank for routine operations, But soon after that he started getting phone calls supposedly from the bank Which required a series of operations to verify the data and complete the security procedures.

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