Phoenix Cup, Thursday at the Milan Arena, the first Italian stage

The first Italian date for the Fenix ​​Cup, the 2023 edition, will take place on Thursday 9 March at 20.30. And the third team from Milan, Brera FC, will meet the Danish team BK Skjold.

The match will be held at the historic Arena Civica stadium in Milan. In addition to the live broadcast (tickets are priced at 10 euros with a free beer), it will be possible to follow the action live on the FenixTrophy TV channel on YouTube.

Phoenix Cup, Amateur Champions

The FENIX Cup is an international sporting event promoted and organized by Brera FC. It includes the facts of amateur European football, selected for their social, historical and cultural specificities. The tournament, in its second edition, has been approved by UEFA. The significance of the event goes beyond the simple football aspect. The FENIX Cup is a sports exchange experience, designed to highlight best practices in non-professional football. FENIX, in fact, is an acronym: European friendly and unprofessional Xenial.

It is an ESG project based on sports fairplay, relationships with the local community, economic sustainability and the use of technologies in the service of sport. The Fenix ​​Cup aims, in fact, to develop a network of cooperation between some of the most important cities in Europe. Enhancing a sense of European belonging among the participants and fans. The 22-23 edition includes: AC Milan (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), Beveren (Belgium), Manchester (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Belgrade (Serbia), Krakow (Poland), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Valencia . (Spain).

Idea from Alessandro Aleotti, President of Brera

The FENIX Cup is Brera FC’s main initiative in the amateur field. In fact, the Milan club is preparing to enter European professionalism, through the ownership of clubs and their renaming in the first division of small football countries, thanks to a group of American investors, including Chris Gardner, who listed a financial company on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. To raise capital for the expansion of Brera’s international football projects.

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