Philippines, President Marcos official visit to the United States

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Conversation at the White House between US President Joe Biden and his Philippine counterpart, Ferdinand MarcosWith the aim of promoting the national interest of the Philippines and strengthening the “A very important alliancebetween Manila and the United States.

Marcos: “Stronger Relations between the Philippines and the United States”

The official visit of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos to the United States took place today, Monday, May 1, instead ofThere are still concerns about the Chinese navy’s harassment of Philippine ships in the South China Sea. The Philippine president had a face-to-face meeting with Biden, where the need for tightening was discussed.stronger relationship“with the United States of”Addressing the concerns of our timeincluding matters relating to the economy.

Marcos did not hide Manila’s growing interest in diplomacy.provocativeBeijing and the need to seek stronger ties with allies. The trip to Washington comes after the Philippines accused the Chinese coast guard on Friday of Dangerous maneuvers” And “aggressive tacticsIn the South China Sea. The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Gang to Manila this weekend was of little use.

In the face of such pressure from China, The Philippines and the United States have increased their defense commitments. Including large-scale military exercises and the recent expansion of Washington’s access to Philippine bases.

This year the Philippines agreed to give the US access to four more bases on the islands as the US tries to deter increasingly aggressive Chinese actions.. Beijing has opposed the bases agreement. The issue is very sensitive for Manila Manila. Both over concerns about its main trading partner and domestic opposition to the US military presence.

Biden sees Marcos as tensions flare up between China and the Philippines

The Philippines and the United States have agreed to complete a roadmap for defense assistance in the coming months. The United States plans to award the Southeast Asian country the next five to ten years. “We will intensify our broader regional security discussions with the Philippines on all issues in the South China Sea and elsewhereAl said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austinreferring to disputed maritime claims between Manila, China and other countries.

Marcos’ official visit to Washington is the first by a Philippine president in more than 10 years.

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