Philadelphia Officials Expand Possible Measles Exposure Locations

Title: Six Locations Identified in Philadelphia Measles Outbreak, Urgent Vaccination Recommended

Philadelphia, PA – The City of Philadelphia Health Department has issued an urgent advisory, identifying six locations where residents may have been exposed to an ongoing measles outbreak. In a press release, health officials have urged anyone who may have visited these locations to take immediate precautions, including quarantine and vaccination.

The outbreak, primarily affecting unvaccinated individuals in Philadelphia, originated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. While the outbreak was initially detected in late December, the department reported five specific locations associated with the outbreak on Thursday, along with an additional one announced around Christmas.

To prevent further spread, health officials are urging those who may have been exposed to measles to quarantine themselves by staying home and separate from others. The Health Department has provided a list of specific locations and dates where exposures may have occurred. Authorities advise that anyone who visited these locations and isn’t immune to measles should contact their healthcare provider or pediatrician immediately.

The Health Department has emphasized the highly contagious nature of measles, with approximately 90% of unvaccinated individuals contracting the virus if exposed. Symptoms of measles include fever, runny nose, cough, puffy eyes, and a distinct rash. Complications can include pneumonia, brain infection, and even death.

In light of the outbreak, unvaccinated individuals aged 12 months and older are being strongly urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinations remain the most effective measure to prevent the spread of measles. The Health Department advises following public health guidance to minimize the risk of exposure to others.

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Further information on how to obtain a measles vaccine is available on Health officials stress the importance of alerting healthcare providers about possible measles exposure before seeking medical attention.

As the City of Philadelphia grapples with this measles outbreak, the Health Department remains committed to safeguarding the well-being and health of the community. By promptly disseminating information and encouraging vaccination, health authorities aim to prevent further cases and contain the outbreak.

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