Phil Spencer spoke with id Software about their future projects –

Phil Spencer He revealed that he spoke to him recently مؤخر Software ID Gods future projects From the team, which may continue the popular DOOM franchise or perhaps devote itself to something else, as happened recently with the oversight of RAGE 2.

After declaring that he wanted to continue the Killer Instinct series, Spencer spoke about another study currently under his control, reiterating his desire to grant Maximum creative freedom for developers.

“Yesterday Marty Stratton and I talked on the phone and talked about id and their software road mapThe Xbox chief said, “It was fun. I look forward to getting close to the teams and discussing what they want to do with them.

“I’m lucky enough to be able to sit around a table with third parties, look at their roadmaps between now and the next three years and talk about what they want to achieve.” In this case, according to some insiders, Quake restarted.

“We want to make sure these studios unlock their full potential: with some you have to step aside and let them operate as usual, others may ask for technical or marketing input, at which point we step in.”

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