Phil congratulates Spencer, but misses the name of the studio

As we are well accustomed to now, Phil Spencer once again shows great sportsmanship towards Sony And congratulations to the Japanese giant for this day Acquisition of Housemarque, is the development studio that gave birth to Returnal, the popular Sci-Fi roguelike game available exclusively on PS5.

The Xbox leader wanted to share his congratulatory message via his Twitter account, but What caught users’ attention was a curious typo. In fact, Spencer misnamed Sony’s new software house “Hourmarque,” only to post a second message and learn, with a healthy dose of self-irony, on the previous mistake.

Let’s try to say it well this timeAnd the I apologize first. Congratulations to you and the team Housemarque, are the words we can read in the revised and corrected Twitter address to Hermen Hulst from PlayStation Studios.
Spencer’s message follows the one posted by Insomniac Games, another major Sony studio, which created a cute picture crossover tra Ratchet & Clank e Returnal.

As the acquisition process continues, Homesmark Now he has a chance to work in More ambitious projects from Returnal, which was the first experiment in the field of Triple A for the Finnish software house.

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