Phantom Blade 0 was introduced with a trailer during the PlayStation show

during the Playstation show Phantom blade 0 to PS5, a work with an oriental framework that seemed dynamic and full of interesting ideas. Let’s see briefly what was shown.

After an introduction to computer graphics, the movie continues to show some action sequences fightingAs well as exploration. We can see the character use her skills with a sword, run on walls, take on bosses and engage in absolutely amazing moves, including a chariot fight.

The video ends revealing the game’s title, after introducing a seemingly important character who draws a sword. Unfortunately, the release date has not been disclosed.

The PlayStation Show is Sony’s news presentation event for the PS5. During the evening, games that will be released in the coming months and years were shown, which will mark the assortment of exclusive offers for the latest generation of gaming consoles.

Sony hasn’t held a public event of this caliber in nearly two years now, which opens the summer season to its stellar video game offerings. Hopefully it won’t take another two to get the next one.

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