Petrol stations, starting today when you pay with your card they charge 100€ even if you pay 10€ it really happens


In these times of almost never-ending economic crisis, one of the most affected sectors is the fuel sector, where the increases are crazy: with greater risks if you pay by card.

What are we talking about? One of the disturbing facts that has emerged recently after a series of complaints by motorists who incurred losses Exciting economics.

What happened? Do GasPut fuel In general, these days it has become a real luxury, for many it is almost impossible pockets. Blame it on the rising cost of living, and the skyrocketing prices. and then?

Then there are too many contradictory situations Citizens They lived at gas stations and to make matters worse they sharpened their lacerated wound family economics. What does it mean?

It occurred to many to pay for it Gas By credit card but huge amounts are charged, with one difference zero More: in fact, instead of ten euros, they deducted a hundred euros Come here.

Petrol stations, what a risk if you pay by card

No need to rest, these days, when you get petrol: not only do you pay more than you did in the past: but rest assured digital payments It can cost you an arm and a leg. What does it mean?

Distributors – (motorzoom)

A stern warning came from some related to affiliate consumers and experts who have identified the extreme cases in which they occurred at gas stations Traumatic conditions.

Crazy fees, up to ten times the number that was indicated at the time of digital payment and Really fuel I enjoyed. And with written compensatory times, then.

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Some citizens said they had to wait a long time for a refund afterwards The error to number The withdrawal made by credit cards.

Fuel, be careful if you pay by card: this can happen to you

Citizens who filled the tank with a few liters, worth for example about ten euros, were charged Double zero paymentsThe mistake angered the victims, of course.

Gasoline 1- (Motorzoom)

In turn, the companies that manage the cards have initiated actions to block Accounts and avoid payments, but in some cases this is done when charge He has already left.

Bugs that often, numerically, can attack i remote systems Payment methods now see the major card operators lined up Avoids Yes repeats. But citizens, in turn, can protect themselves, if possible, by trying to pay more monetary or choose distributors to which they are accustomed.

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