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(ANSA) – LIMA, June 14 – Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has identified “irresponsible” those who supported leftist candidate Pedro Castillo in the June 6 presidential ballot, who promised, among other things, to fight corruption in Peru.

In an interview yesterday on Canal N TV, a week after the vote whose result was not yet official, Vargas Llosa expressed his hope that the National Electoral Tribunal (JNE) would declare the right-wing candidate, Keiko Fujimori the winner. He explained that corruption has done a lot of damage in Peru, and continues to do so, because it has prompted the population to vote for (Peri Liber party leader, Vladimir) and Castillo instead of doing it for good. Our candidates,” referring to the Fujimori Fuerza People’s Party.

The author of “La Casa Verde” insisted that the victory of the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, after 50,000 votes cast from Castillo, could “save the country from the disaster” shaped by the success of the Marxist-Leninist candidate. . Motivated by his support for the “fujimorism” he once opposed when he was a presidential candidate, Vargas Llosa reiterated “We do not want Peru to remain in poverty and businessmen to be expelled and forced to leave.” He continued, “We want the capital to continue to arrive in order to use our enormous natural wealth.” What Peru needs – he said – is exactly capital to be able to create many jobs. But he concluded that investors “should be attracted to something that Cerróns and Castillos seem completely unaware of.”

Finally, the writer mentioned that the Peruvian candidate Lieber reminds him, with his populist proposals, of the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. (handle).

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