Persona 3 Reloaded: The video compares the remake to the original

ElAnalistaDeBits posted a dossier video Which compares trailer ad sequence from Persona 3 update With the original, or rather Persona 3 FES, the first re-release of the PS2 game, the impressive changes made by Atlus are visible.

Technically, the Persona 3 reload has not yet been officially announced, but now it is a formality, since the first trailer of this remake has leaked onto the net thanks to a serious error in Atlus’ Western social channels, along with Persona 5 Tactica’s.

As we can see in the movie, it’s clear that a was used to remake it New graphics engine while retaining the artistic style of the original. Character models have moved from a deformed style to a more proportional style, in line with Persona 5.

The lighting system is also completely new, loading times for switching from one area to another have been eliminated and locations have been filled with more NPCs. the combat system It does not seem refined in terms of gameplay dynamics, but on the other hand, it is visually more interesting and dynamic, like Persona 5.

Obviously, this is a comparison based on a short presentation. To discover all the differences and novelties of Persona 3 Reload we just have to wait for the game It was officially announced during the Xbox Game Show Scheduled at 19:00 tomorrow, Sunday, June 11th.

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