Persevering on Mars, now looking for traces of life


Perseverance has reached Mars. Applause from NASA’s “control room” confirms the landing of the Mars rover that sent the first image of the crater of the Red Planet. Persevere “safe” on Mars soil. Vollor observers confirmed that the “persistent” rover of NASA, linked to the “Ingenity Mars” helicopter on its stomach, landed safely on Mars, and engineers began analyzing the data.

“Italy is playing a pioneering role in space exploration and in the very ambitious Mars sample return program, the first chapter of which is the rover in pursuit of the NASA Mars 2020 mission,” said Giorgio Sacocchia, president of ASI, on RaiNews24.

“We will be looking for traces of life on Mars and the persistent rover will be able to search for these” relics, “said Teresa Fornaro, researcher in Naples of INAF Institute in Florence, one of thirteen scientists participating in March 2020 in the world.” My role is to help explain Data from devices on board the rover and an understanding of whether there are any “signs” of life.

Fornaro explained, “It is very plausible that unicellular life forms evolved on Mars as they did in the same period on Earth. We do not expect these life forms to have evolved as they did on Earth because Mars became extinct quickly. Radiation washed away everything.”

“We do not expect that life evolved on Mars – as Vornaro concluded – but that there could be single-celled microorganisms, and we expect to find these traces.”

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