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The details still to be refined, the ‘physiological’ 5% missing in preparing a route go from project on paper to completion in less than a year. Miami GP prepares for debutAppointment is on the weekend of May 8th, after Imola is around the corner.

This approach spans between the promoter’s guarantees of a date to remember and the social introduction built by Red Bull. a Road to Miami with Sergio Perez at the wheel of a dated RB7. Reconnect with similar rings, from American-style F1 to Daniel Ricciardo past the Golden Gate.

Perez “Ride” to remember

“I really enjoyed doing Red Bull’s first road trip. I remember seeing Daniel on the road trip through the Golden Gate and never thought I would have the opportunity to be a part of it. I think Miami is the perfect place for Formula 1, it’s a fun city full of energy. The track looks great. In Austin I always feel like I’m racing at home, and I think it will be similar to MiamiChico says.

Tracking has been known for some time, in recent weeks gaining more details of what will be the background in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Entertainment, spaces that can be experienced outside the sporting event itself. Sold out in the voucher sale already shortly after the sale opened, in October 2021. Given the voucher prices, given the exclusivity, given the event, given the context, it makes no sense.

Miami, manicured asphalt

“We are in the final stages of this amazing circuit that will host the first F1 race in Miami. We have tried to create a circuit where drivers love to race. A department on campus will provide unique and high-level experiences for fansRichard Kerrigan, CEO of The Promoter.

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In short, a $300 voucher will be general admission to campus spaces on Fridays ($900 on Saturdays and Sundays), to breathe the atmosphere of Formula 1 but with a warning about access to stands not included in the voucher. Reduce the “good” points to see the individual seats on the track as well as breathe the atmosphere of the Grand Prix.

“There was no compromise on any aspect of the track design or build quality. From my experience working in new locations I’ve never seen so much effort to master the bottom of the path As it happened in Miami. Everyone has produced an extraordinary work.”Kerrigan adds.

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