Pepsi introduces “Cocoa” Cola in the new year

Pepsi is hoping some will really love it as it unveiled its latest flavor, which has been influenced by a seasonal classic – hot chocolate.

According to a tweet, the soft drink company plans to kick off the new year with Pepsi ‘Cocoa’ Cola, a “concept from the Pepsi Test Kitchen.” The drink is said to taste like “a delicious blend of cocoa (with a hint of marshmallow) mixed with Pepsi-Cola,” CNET mentioned.


Why did Pepsi decide to make this flavor?

Well, the familiar ‘Cocoa’ Cola was created at the request of Pepsi fans after the brand posted a tweet: “What’s sweeter than saying“ goodbye ”to the worst year ever? Pepsi“ Cocoa ”Cola – the latest concept from Pepsi’s test kitchen.

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The brand has shared that it will make a batch in 2021, but has not revealed further details.

The tweet mentioned: “Want to try and get your hands on? 2021 RTs and we’ll make a batch. #PepsiCocoaCola.”

Sure enough, after the tweet was posted, the soft drink maker was able to collect the needed retweet for 2021, even paying about 4,800 as of Friday evening.

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Although fans appear eager to sample the chocolate-and-marshmallow soda, Pepsi has not shared the exact date when the drink will be launched, or where consumers might hope to get it.

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