Pentiment says “Not really a GPU burner” Obsidian, resolution and fps confirmed –

Between joking and seriousness, Sobjian confirmed it pentagram will go to 60 FPS on PC and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Onealbeit with different resolutions, assuming that the game “Not exactly a GPU burner”It’s easy to guess even when looking at photos and videos.

Anyway, jokes aside, it’s still interesting to understand the information provided by Josh Sawyer, director of Pentiment, who mentioned that the new medieval game will port to 4K and 60fps on the Xbox Series X and at 1440p and 60fps on Xbox Series S, 1080p and 60fps on Xbox One.

In older models, it seems, there may be small dips in a few of the 3D scenes present, and it’s not clear if it’s in terms of performance or dynamic resolution. In any case, the game definitely does not look like a stress test for graphics cards, as the project manager himself jokingly pointed out in the above tweet.

The information came in response to a joking question from a user who asked in a tweet that reminded him of the upcoming Pentiment’s arrival “But is it hitting 60fps on console? (for important questions)”. Sawyer was the joke but he also gave real information about the game Resolution and frame rate Not a really essential detail for such a title.

Remember that Pentiment is “An investigative adventure set in the Middle Ages In Bavaria, full of intrigue and crimes, to encounter a great freedom of choice entrusted to the player. The protagonist has been in a recent experience and is among 6 games that were already confirmed on Xbox Game Pass in November, and are expected to arrive on November 15, 2022.

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