Pensions, 100% inflation revaluation up to € 2,626: what could change –

The majority is considering relieving pressure on pension revaluation by raising the 100% indexed check minimum from 4 to 5 times the minimum. The topic on the meeting table on Wednesday 14 December, to push this change was Forza Italia. The procedure will cost about 250 million, but the Ministry of Economy and Finance has not yet expressed its opinion. We are carefully evaluating Cisl’s proposal – Alessandro Cattaneo, Forza Italia Group Leader announced in the room – There is interest from the entire majority.

The hypothesis is under study

The budget law provided for the introduction of a new pension reassessment mechanism for the 2023-24 biennium that eliminates the old three tranches and introduces six new brackets.. From January 1, 2023, the first group of retirees guarantees a complete revaluation: these are checks of up to 4 times the INPS minimum pension of about €526, or pensions of about €2,100 per month. So the revaluation in this case is 100%, with a reorganization rate (that is, an increase) of 7.3%. For checks of up to 5 times the minimum value, ie those up to around €2,626, the six-band system provides a revaluation rate of 80%, an increase of 5.84%. This translates to an increase of around €153 per month, which could become €191 per month if the revaluation rate is 100% and the increase is 7.3%, as Forza Italia suggests.

minimum 600 euros

Regarding pensions, the majority is seeking an agreement on increasing the minimum pension to 600 euros for those aged 75 and over. Essential action According to the leader of Forza Italia in the budget committee, Roberto Bella, who explained the position outlined in the majority meeting with the blue leader in the chamber Alessandro Cattaneo. Bella added that Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti is committed to finding the resources.

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