Pension change amount: when (and how)

Plus the new rates Irpf (23%, 27%, 38% and 43%) that we dealt with at, the revaluation of Italian pensions also includes discounts.

No effect tax area

The so-called “tax-free zone” will allow an average saving of 22,720 euros which will be more significant for the income bracket of 50-55 thousand euros per year that will see a maximum reduction of 677.80 euros: the measure is designed for those who will The tax is avoided with a tax deduction of approximately two thousand euros (1955), in practice the value of the total income tax. These numbers include the new rates as well as tax deductions.

What changes for income groups

The 2022 income tax will see different calculation formulas based on the type of income and also according to the level of income within the same category. As mentioned IlSole24Ore, the first discount will be applied to the range from 8,500 to 28 thousand euros, in which there will be a “total” reduction in the rate (from 27 to 25%) and the bracket over 15 thousand euros; The second aggregate range is from 28 thousand to more than 50 thousand euros of income whose deduction is zero. In this range, retirees will also enjoy three points less than the personal income tax rate, which drops from 38 to 35%.

In the latter category, there are more than 5 million Italian pensioners, which is why the reform will be measured especially for those with low and middle incomes: on a pension of 20 thousand euros, the total income tax is 4,800 euros and the proportional deduction is equal. to 1135 euros but from 2022 it will decrease by 100 while the discount will increase to 1215 with a total interest of 180 euros. Another example that meets the lowest levels is the pension of 12,000 euros per year which will provide a total of 183 euros between prices and deductions.

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Savings for other income

Since personal income (real estate, for example) also plays an important role because deductions are combined with total income, of the 13.5 million retired Italians who are predominantly paid by INPS, about 7.5 million have additional income from premises while 3.2 benefit Million of income from farmland. However, it must be said that “income from real estate” is less frequent among employees. The new Irpef will come into effect, as we mentioned, from January 1, 2022 even if the real impact on paychecks will be felt from March as it will happen to the individual allowance for children up to 21 that we talked about in the magazine.

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