Peng Shuai will return to the public soon

At the moment, it is not possible to verify Hu’s claims, nor even the date of the photos. The photos emerged after the WTA threatened to leave China in the absence of clarification on Peng Shuai, and in addition, the photos were shared via a Twitter account that the social network described as “Chinese state media.”

Le foto di Peng Shuai

Three photos have surfaced on Twitter: one of them shows the smiling player with a cat in her arms, apparently at her home. Plush toys, a cup, a Chinese flag, and credits appear in the background. Another shot shows a self-portrait of Peng Shuai with a Kung Fu Panda statue, an animated children’s movie. A frame with a picture of Winnie the Pooh appears in the background.

The photos are accompanied by an English caption explaining how the photos were privately posted by the player on Wechat to wish her contacts a “happy weekend”.

Doubts about Chinese media’s handling of Peng’s case Hu Xijin was the first Chinese reporter to directly cite Peng’s case, writing Thursday night that he did not believe, “as someone familiar with the Chinese regime,” that the tennis player “had been subjected to reprisals and alleged repression by foreign media for the things that people had talked about.” That same night, CGTN released a screenshot of the alleged bureaucratic email Bing sent to the WTA, in which the former double-ranked number one dismantled the allegations of abuse and requested pre-approval for any of her statement to be published. . Connected.

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He, the head of the nationalist newspaper People’s Daily, the voice of the Communist Party, is very active on Twitter, despite being banned in China, and is known for his stinging comments against the United States and the West.

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