pellet stove | Black Glass Nightmare: You’re doing everything wrong, so you ruin them

Pellet stove and glass do not get dirty
Example of a pellet stove |

Do you own a pellet stove and can’t do without it? Let’s find out together how to maintain the glass surface.

Temperatures have dropped suddenly in recent days. The abnormal heat that accompanied the Christmas holidays finally welcomes sub-zero temperatures. The cold solution has been the same for agesHomo erectus: the fire.

Thousands of years have passed since the scratches in the stone that kept the prehistoric family warm, however fireplacesAnd gas stoves And radiators It turns out to be penultimate on the evolutionary scale of home heating. Their principle is similar: combustion must spread intense warmth within a room.

New entry recent years is pellet stovethe device is recommended by Ecologists And give more hot. the reason? The substance that provides the basis for the combustion of the stove. the pellets, in fact, it is a material obtained from carpentry and assembled into small compact cylinders. Many scientists argue that pellets are the answer natural It’s over environmental, because it is obtained from pre-existing wood, without cutting down new trees. In addition, combustion lasts longer, more intense and no pollution.

However, it is possible to damage pellet stoves. How do? Let’s find out together.

Discover helpful tips to avoid damaging your pellet stove

Pellet stoves also offer advantages on the earth economicDue to the duration of combustion of the substance. However, the savings compare favorably with the quality. However, many believe that these stoves have one weak point: i glasses. This can turn black and end up damaging the entire device, and also harm those who share spaces.

The opinion seems to have spread that this is based on different kind of pellets used for combustion. pellets security It will look better than that darkness.

The pellets are clear
light pellets |

Not true: Damaging glass is a type of Unsuitable pellets On the style of fireplace you have, but there is no distinction between light and dark.

The most common mistake seems to be using an extension Combined cleaner For the glass top of the hob, which instead requires a specific specific product. The next most common mistake is not holding on Clean on the inside from the stove. It is necessary to do this daily to avoid the risk of hypoxia.

The last and most important piece of advice is about gaskets: It is essential to always be in good condition, otherwise the appliance may capture air from the living quarters to power the combustion.

These Dangers Shouldn’t Intimidate You: A pellet stove Recommended A valid alternative to traditional heating systems. Even the stove needs cleaning!

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