Pellegra: The president back in Australia, he’ll be back in town in February

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The past six months have been a source of great work and satisfaction in the house of Roszuri, As rightly emphasized by President Rosario Pellegra before leaving for Australia. Number one in Catania SSD, however, having rejoiced in the first success of 2023 against Ragusa, will return to the slopes of Etna already in February, most likely at the beginning of the month.

In the hope that in the meantime the red and blue team will get closer and closer to the sports promotion to the third division. The return to Sicily will also be an opportunity to raise a new point of the situation regarding the sports program and to find news on the related infrastructure front, in particular, at the Nassima field where the completion of the works that will determine the transfer of the first team from Ragalna awaits.

At the moment, attention is firmly focused on this structure and it will be important to have an ongoing and ongoing dialogue with the municipality, assessing how it can continue its development processes in the coming months and pursue a central objective within the Pelligra project: a 360-degree growth of the youth sector. With the creation of more spaces and training fields for the young future champions.

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