Pele died at the age of 82 from cancer

Football has lost its king.

Pele was born Edson Arantes do NascimentoHe died on December 29 in São Paulo, at the age of 82, after a long battle against cancer Which in the last stage spread to different parts of his body.

1 player Men’s soccer team to win Three World Cup titles (1958, 1962 and 1970), the Brazilian was one of the most important sports figures of the 20th century. His talent turned the Brazilian Seleção and his green and gold jersey into a Generations icons.

Since then he is an all-round footballer special talentCultivating fans on every continent, Pele played a crucial role in soccer’s rise to status as the most popular sport on the planet.

Pele was born in Trace Coracquesin the state of Minas Gerais October 23, 1940. His name was actually in honor ofThe inventor of the electric lampThomas Edison, but when registering at the registry office, the employee did not write the letter “i”, and it became his name Edson.

nickname pellet This happened because little Edson could not pronounce the name of goalkeeper Pele, who played in his hometown, and mistakenly called him Pele. His colleagues laughed at this distortion, and thus created Nickname that would become one of the most popular in history.

World Cup 1958: The youngest ever champion

In 1956, Pele began playing with Santos, the team that launched him to stardom. At the 1958 World Cup in Sweden 17 years and becomes the youngest-ever World Champion, even a record A goal in the final.

Pele was also part of the team that won the World Cup in 1962, becoming a two-time winner Club World Champion, again with Santos. He scored a total of 77 goals for Brazil, a record that still stands today.

In 1970 he became the first – and still the only – player to win three world titles, with a team that is still considered one of the strongest in the world. Sports history.

In the late 1970s, the Santos superstar moved to the United States to play for a club New York Cosmosbefore retiring from playing football in 1977. He continued to be involved in sports, serving as a member Hanging on TV and fill a role Minister of Sports In Brazil, between 1995 and 1998.

In recent years, Pele has had to face a long battle against a tumor that was initially located in the colon and ended up metastasizing to the colon. different members, Including the liver and lungs.

Pele and the Olympic Games

The Brazilian legend has never competed in the Olympics, but in 1999 he was voted “Athlete of the Century” by National Olympic Committees around the world.

During the closing ceremony of London 2012the pellet in the part intended for the next part rio games.

Months before the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony, he got hisOlympic ranking by the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bachin Santos.

“Although I was an Olympic gold medalist in fencing, my love for the sport began with football. If I had not become IOC president, I would have missed the opportunity to award the Olympic order to one of my sporting heroes, Pele,” Thomas Bach said during that ceremony in 2016 Edson Arantes do Nascimento, in recognition of his sporting merits and his dedication to Olympic values.”

Pele also participated in the relay race Olympic torch For Rio 2016, in Santos, where he lived until his last days.

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