Pedro Pascal’s salary is 750% higher than that of Bella Ramsey

Another of Us fans got involved in a huge debate after some reports claimed that Pedro Pascal had more than Bella Ramsey.

The pair shone shoulder to shoulder with each other Joel And Eli on the HBO hit series, The last of us, based on the game Naughty Dog that follows a smuggler as he is tasked with transporting a teenage girl across a post-apocalyptic United States. The result was one of, if any, the best video game adaptations in years, with numbers peaking at the season finale with 8.2 million viewers on all platforms.

Pedro Pascal earned a salary 750% higher than co-star Bella Ramsey The last of us

The last of us

Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, Mighty Mint, and World Games

The project also turned out to be huge in terms of the expenses incurred by the entertainment giant, which it reportedly shelled out for The last of us Between 10 and 15 million dollars per episode. The lead actors are also believed to have been paid substantially, though not equally, according to a number of points of view. While it was never confirmed, a report from Variety states that it is Pedro Pascal He was paid $600,000 an episode for his role as Joel. Beautiful RamseyOn the other hand, it is believed that part of this amount has been paid. While she wasn’t included in the report for comparison, she did earn $70,000 per episode, according to Showbiz Galore.

$70,000 isn’t exactly cheap (especially when you’ve got nine episodes, for a total of $630,000), but fans can’t help but notice that it’s drastically different from Pascal’s pay, which is supposedly a 757 percent increase. Commenting on Twitter, some people argued that Pascal was a bigger, more established star than Ramsey, suggesting the raise was somewhat fair. However, others noted that they both led the series and that Ramsey was also a big name game of thrones.

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