PC and TABLET FREE from the Revenue Agency: Apply by February 3

with the Call 2023 Also posted on its website, Revenue outlines the rules for participating in Free transportation of IT equipment abandoned by the revenue department.

Especially, The agency intends to sell computers of various types (computers, laptops, servers), which are no longer suitable for use in its activities.

After ensuring that the equipment can still be suitable for other entities, The Revenue Agency will transfer it free of charge to anyone who requests it. We inform you that it is active Application procedures.

Free IT equipment from the Revenue Agency: Apply

Interested parties may submit an application by 12.00 hours on 3 February 2023, using the appropriate procedure Online Phoenix can be reached at https://www.fiscooggi.it/phoenice.

The recipients of the advertisement are

  • public and private schools,
  • public administrations,
  • Organizations and non-profit organizations (including private ones).

In particular, according to the rules published by the Agency, the following take precedence for the allocation of devices:

  1. Public schools and their equivalents affiliated with local authorities (Article 1, Paragraph 1-2, Law No. 62/2000)
  2. Other public administrations (Article 1, Legislative Decree No. 165/2001)
  3. Other public and private entities that belong to one of the following categories (not in order of priority):
    • Associations and non-profit organizations registered in the appropriate register of associations
    • Institutions and other public or private institutions with a non-profit legal personality
    • Unrecognized associations, referred to in Article 36 of the Civil Code, which have their own legal instrument by which it can be concluded that there are no profit-making purposes
    • Voluntary civil protection organizations registered in the appropriate registers, operating in Italy or abroad for humanitarian purposes
    • Equal private educational institutions (defined by Article 1, Paragraph 2, Law No. 62/2000)
    • Entities and other bodies not included in the previous points, whose activity assumes the characteristics of public benefit.

Applications for multiple institutions must be submitted separately. In the event of multiple applications from the same organization, only the last submitted application in chronological order will be considered valid.
The identification code for this tender is “AE2023”.

specify it At the end of data entry, the application will create a file phoenix.xml file which, once downloaded, must be sent via Pec, on pain of disqualification of the application.
In case of equal fulfillment of the above criteria, The ranking will be determined by lottery to be held on February 4, 2023

(Relevant technical details are specified in Appendix 1).

The same arrangement will be posted on the agency’s website and at the link https://www.fiscooggi.it/phoenice/ae/.

Read the announcement here For all other rules for the purpose of free transfer

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