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Vacation vouchers are often difficult to understand for workers. This is the meaning of the individual items contained in the payment voucher.

Accrued holidays represent the number of vacation days a worker is entitled to, based on the hours or days worked during the year. Usually, the accumulated leave appears in the salary slip and increases gradually with the time of service performed by the worker in the company. but, Methods for calculating accrued leave may vary According to the collective agreement applied by the company.

Many workers get confused when they read the paycheck holiday item: here’s how to do it –

In general, the employee is entitled to full time 26 days off a yearUnless the employment contract stipulates otherwise. As for the permits, their number depends on the provisions of the collective agreement applied by the worker’s company. However, vacations and permits can be increased through the company’s collective bargaining agreement.

When a paycheck arrives at the end of the month, many workers struggle to understand what is actually written there and how to interpret accrued leave. Here are some tips for a better understanding.

Items on a coupon: Here’s what they mean

Typically, vacation pay items are divided into three categories:roll“,”previous vacations” And “allow“. The term “permits” refers to all types of permits provided for in the collective agreement. The abbreviation ROL stands for a specific type of leave, i.e. Hours of Absence from Work. On the other hand, previous leave permits were introduced to compensate for the cancellation of some holidays that were expected in the past.

The categories are then divided into four sections:

  1. last year: any days or hours of vacation and vacation not used in the previous year are indicated here;
  2. maturity year: here are the vacation days or hours accumulated up to the reference month of the salary slip;
  3. Enjoy the year: This box is reduced each time the worker takes a day or hour of vacation or vacation, up to the salary slip reference month;
  4. residual or balance: This box indicates the number of vacation days or hours remaining for the payment receipt reference month.
Vacation voucher is a document issued by the employer informing the employee of the accrued and unused vacation during the working year –

In the payment receipt, days off and vacation can be Expressed in hours or directly in days. If it is reported in hours, to find out the number of days of vacation or vacation accumulated, it is necessary to divide the number of hours by the average daily working hours of the worker.

Accrued holidays represent the number of vacation days a worker is entitled to, based on the hours or days worked during the year. However, the methods of calculating accrued leave may differ according to the collective agreement applied by the company.

In general, the holiday voucher should be read carefully to verify that all information is correct and that there are no errors or omissions. In case of doubt or problems, You can contact your employer or union for clarification.

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