Pay close attention to this, there is malware inside

The warning comes from Pradeo about the danger of some applications: Pay close attention to this, there is malware inside


New alerts arrive for some Smartphone Applications which may contain malicious software harmful to our devices. French site radio, in fact, it sounds the alarm to all navigators and talks about a kind of Malware Call “Joker“.

Will be “eat moneyThis could put the affected smartphones and their owners’ money at risk. The application is now being monitored and the utmost attention is recommended. This is the type of malware “Joker” and which one Request We are talking about.

Joker: the money-eating malware hiding in the Color Message app

The warning issued by the French website Pradeo speaks of a real alarm Malware contained in a famous file Request. The money-eating virus has been dubbed “Joker” Now it’s getting scary. Internet users have been warned.

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The app is called colorful message, which is a program for android smartphone used for Download wallpapers and emojis For instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. The alarm was raised by the Frenchman Bradio who claimed it mentioned The gravity of the application directly on Google.

Therefore, the advice to owners of smartphones with Android technology is Avoid downloading The application on your device. If it is already on the phone, this is necessary uninstall application immediately.

How Joker Malware Works

despite of newsletter From the danger of applying Color Messages on both days, the Joker Malware It is not completely known. It really is a program that has worked offside In users’ devices, he insinuates himself Inside apps hardly suspected.


Once the “infected” app is downloaded, the Joker enters the background mode and Activate paid services, using i Personal Data of users. Let’s talk about information such as the content of the message and the list of contacts. In this way he was able to commit Subscription services who withdraw money directly from the credit on the card.

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Attention, if you check that your device is infected with Joker, Don’t just remove The offending application. In fact, it is recommended Smartphone FormatThe malware remains inside the phone even if the app is uninstalled.

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