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Breast cancer is very common among women but it can be avoided if certain things are done

breast cancer Unfortunately it is a disease that affects many women all over the world. According to some researchers Cancer is caused by some environmental factors and unhealthy lifestylesThe.

Specifically, scientists show that if we follow a correct diet and are on the move, some problems can be avoided. But let’s see the details on this very important topic.

But before we go ahead, we want to make it clear that what is written in this article is of a general nature only, so it is always important to rely on a doctor.

breast cancer
Breast Cancer: Things to Avoid (Pyxabay)

How do we change our daily lives to prevent breast cancer?

The first thing to do is to protect our health It is to avoid flame retardants. Another essential thing that you should completely avoid is cosmetics that contain parabens, These increase the risk of breast cancer. no less important than polysaccharides. All types of sugars are harmful to our body.

Another essential thing is to avoid deficiency Vitamin DEssential for our immune system. In fact, there are at least 800 references in the literature that show how important this vitamin is against cancer.

Other important factors for prevention

In addition to the above factors, no less important is the right amount of iodine in our body. Breasts absorb huge amounts of iodine and use it for proper functions. The same can be said for healthy bowel function.

Also, never forget not to eat genetically modified foods: these foods are treated with carcinogens. Therefore it is always recommended to eat fresh produce and above all seasonality.

breast cancer
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Follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle while maintaining an appropriate body weight. Finally, don’t forget the proper rest. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night helps produce the right amount of melatonin, which is important for staying healthy.

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