Pay attention to messages from the revenue agency

The Revenue Agency sends new letters to taxpayers who may not have been aware of some of the payments. In detail, these are irregularities related to VAT returns in electronic invoices. Let’s see in the following article who the bona fide warnings are and how to act if you receive them.

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L’revenue agency communicate with Mail compliance letters which will be sent to those who may not be aware of the payments. What is the purpose of these complaints? It is to make information held by the tax authorities available to taxpayers, so as to proceed with a settlement anomaly.

Let’s now see who is targeting the following Good faith notices What do you do if someone comes to your house?

Revenue agency letters: what do they contain?

revenue agency

Let’s see in detail what information a file can contain Compliance letters from the revenue agency. In detail, these are:

  • tax law;
  • name, surname and surname of the taxpayer;
  • tax year contact number and contract code;
  • All data related to VAT transactions are transmitted electronically.

to which I have been added Data related to VAT transactionsor:

  • taxable transactions;
  • Exempt transactions
  • Reverse charging operations.

Revenue Agency: What to do if letters arrive?

revenue agency

We see To whom will the new letters of compliance from the Revenue Agency be sent. In this case, the messages will be directed to the people who have to execute Value added tax declaration. In the action of November 4, the agency identifies the ways in which differences between VAT transaction data and VAT returns from which anomalies emerge are made available to taxpayers and the Guardia di Finanza.

What do I do If messages arrive? The The taxpayer who will receive the letters He will have to check possible wrongdoing of his position, and present any hitherto unknown items that could turn the situation around.

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