Pay attention to how much pork you eat, the risks increase

Is there a relationship between prostate cancer and pork consumption? Let’s get acquainted with recent studies in this regard together.

It is now known that red meat consumption It can cause the appearance of diseases of a different nature and origin, however – it often happens that we are not exposed to the cause of these effects on our body. Speaking of this, we would like to emphasize that in processed red meat (so we are talking about sausages, cold cuts, etc.), there is a special Toxic substances to our body and harmful to our health.

Pork and prostate cancer: the link (MyMarca)

refer to nitrite And nitrates, of the elements useful for preservation and to preserve the red color of meat, but at the same time it is very dangerous for us in the first place. In fact, these two articlesThey bind to the proteins in our stomachs and turns into nitrosaminesthat represents the truth carcinogens. It is precisely for this reason that excessive consumption of red meat, pork and sausage is associated not only with the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, but also with true tumor development. Let’s explore the topic together.

Prostate cancer and pork: the scientifically proven link

Recently, a group of researchers decided to look at lifestyle more than 100,000 people. All of them ate sausages and red meat on a daily basis. Then the study continued for seven years, and after that time The researchers analyzed the physical health of the participants. The results confirmed that 3,311 people had cancer, most of them from breast and prostate cancer.

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Prostate Cancer (Learn About Health)
Prostate Cancer (Learn About Health)

Basically, we are referring to the simple consumption of two slices of pork per day – an intake that increases by 58% risk of developing prostate cancer in men and dale 25% of breast cancer for women. The research made it possible to embody theories about the toxicity of red meat, allowing awareness to be gained The stuff we eat without our knowledge. It is clear that completely eliminating meat from the diet is a radical solution, but limit its consumption and above all Avoid eating sausage and pork – It really can make a difference.

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