Pay Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Bills, Home Shopping – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, Oct 6 – The air conditioner is the household appliance that absorbs the most energy consumption in the home. This was stated by Assoutenti, who on the basis of the new electricity tariffs taken in October conducted a study to understand how individual electrical appliances affect the bills of Italians. With an average of 400 kWh per year, the air conditioner is the most consumed household appliance – analyzes the correlation – this means that for a typical family of 3 people and based on the current electricity tariff, annual expenses for modernizing the rooms will rise to 264 euros compared to the average ​​119 euros in 2021. Followed by a refrigerator with a continuous consumption of about 300 kWh per year is almost 200 euros in the bill, compared to 89 euros last year. For daily use of the hair dryer (260 kWh), it is necessary to estimate the annual cost of 171.6 euros based on new electricity prices, 158 euros for both washing machine and microwave. Using a dishwasher, with an average consumption of 220 kWh per year, will cost 145 euros, 119 euros for a vacuum cleaner. There are also household appliances that consume even when they are turned off, if left in standby mode: this is the case of the TV (190 kWh per year on average) whose spending rises at the new rates taken in October from 56 to 125 euros, the set-top box (115 euros ) or computer (62.7 euros). (Dealing).

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