Paulo Panchero dominates the vote, as he is the NBA’s “Rookie of the Year”.

That Paolo Panchero was living golden moment We noticed it in his first season as a pro, but it wasn’t so devastating to him. On Tuesday evening, after a series of other individual awards, the American National Basketball Association (NBA) announced that the title Best newbie From the regular season 2022/23 he went to the Italian-American. The skill and malice of the Orlando Magic wing was too apparent to allow him to dominate the vote at large, and win 98% of the services Jury. A landslide victory, he was allowed to touch the consensus, a feat that only five players in the past, people of his caliber, had achieved David Robinsonand Blake Griffin and Damian Lillard. One of the future stars of professional basketball is the Italian. Hands up that was expected even just five years ago.

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coveted title newbie general It is not chosen by popular vote but by a jury composed of Sports Reporters Print, radio, and television media in the United States and Canada. Each of them has three votes to distribute to the three starters who have done better in the NBA. The first place is important Five points, the second three, the third; The rookie who collects the most points wins the title. Given the Italian-American’s exciting season, no one doubted he would be the one to win but the dimensions of victory were Adorable. Paolo was chosen as the best company 98 out of 100 press, thus obtaining 494 points out of a possible 500. Chased from a very long distance, Oklahoma City Thunder winger Jalen Williams and Utah Jazz center Walker Kessler were the only people to take the top two out of the blue.

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It was the project’s first pick season amazing: 20 points average, 6.9 rebounds and 3.7 assists, the best rookie in terms of points, surpassing 20 points in 40 games and 30 sixes. Banchero is the third Magic to win the title behind Moein Shaquille O’Neal and Mr. Mike Miller. Also not bad effect williamsthe 12th pick in the draft, which helped OKC get into play, as it was eliminated by Minnesota. KesslerHowever, he was picked up by the Timberwolves before ending up in Salt Lake City as part of a trade involving the Frenchman. Rudy Goubert. Less impressively, the big man became essential to the Jazz’s defense. In a few days we will also know the composition of the the best quintet From the NBA in terms of Rookie: It’s easy to predict that Paolo Panchero will get place of honor.

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Aside from Americans’ craving for this type of award, being Rookie of the Year is definitely good luck. 22 of the previous winners were first selected in the draft while 16 were successful in the nomination mvp of the career season. Wilt Chamberlain He succeeded the year he debuted but who knows when someone like him will be born again. Since 1953, no fewer than 30 winners have ended up in the Basketball Hall of Fame simply by hanging up their shoes. However, it is not new to see a player with dual citizenship or even a foreigner win the title. Before Paolo Panchero, the Jamaican succeeded Patrick EwingAustralians Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, Canadian Andrew Wiggins and Europeans Paul Gasol And Luka Doncic. While Spanish and Slovenian originated outside the US entirely, Azure was considered “local”because he has never played outside the grounds of the Federation.

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In the long history of the NBA, only four Players have been named Player of the Year after playing in another professional tournament: Wilt Chamberlain with the Globetrotters, Gasol and Doncic with Barcelona and Real Madrid No milo ball, who played in Lithuania and Australia before joining the NBA. All football fans in the clips hope that Paolo Panchero’s career will look more and more like these Sports giants.

It is still too early to draw conclusions but the beginning is certainly promising. Now that the off-season has begun, all that remains is to dispel the doubt and accept a court Coach Pozzecco. Having the blue jersey Rookie of the Year will really be there Sherbet on the cake

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