Paulo, Mario and friends: “In Australia, we realized the value of Monferrato”

Sella Monte. What should Monferrato envy about Australia? Nothing, he said, he decided to go home. Paulo Otton lived in Australia for four years. In the third year of his stay there, he was joined by a friend, Mario Ardetti. “We looked at the city in which we lived, in a grape-growing area near Sydney – explains Paulo Otton – and realized that our area was really more beautiful. We asked ourselves what Monferrato was missing: communication only ».

When they came back they decided to work in, promote and share the area, realizing that something was changing. Shy tourism is starting to move in the area which has just become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To implement the project that the two friends had in mind, they started from the regions that made the region of Monferrato, along with Lange and Roero, the fiftieth site of the “World Heritage List”: the sixth region on the list is Monferrato degli Inferno. “There are nine municipalities – says Paulo Otton – that no one has taken into account, we want to relaunch them by communicating with the wine and its producers.”

Thus was born the “Enoteca degli Infernot”, formed by a team of young people under 30 who will witness the opening this weekend in Cella Monte, one of the UNESCO municipalities where the physical presentation of the project is located. “We chose a place in front of the city’s historic sausage factory – explains Monferrino -. Here people will be able to see the three best local wines. The structure of the city helps us too: we chose Cella Monte because it is built on one road. You have to pass by here. We will try to make ourselves known as much as possible.”

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