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elden ring It has not been significantly updated to version 1.03, which has fixed some bugs but also fixed Made it easy to find a specific character. As a result, it became easier to start his quest. Being a spoiler, you can find all the details in the image below.

elden ring

Elden Ring 1.03 update makes it easy to find the character Boc the Tailor. We’re talking about semi-humans (FromSoftware’s game class of enemies) that are hidden in Sepolcride, which is the first game area. The creature is not aggressive, and upon finding it, we have the opportunity to start a custom mission.

Boc, however, is hidden in the shape of a bush, at a somewhat random point on the map. To notice its presence you have to be very close, so as to activate the dialogue. At this point, you have to figure out where to hide it and hit it to get it back into shape. It is not an easy process and many have missed this character.

Cause patch 1.03 bok sound It activates even when the player is too far away. Additionally, FromSoftware has added a purple (medium rare) element near the bush to catch the attention of Elden Ring players. You can see the changes in the tweet below.

Tell us, did you find Boc before patch 1.03? or not?

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