Passing time reduced to 150-180 days

The government is rushing about the third dose. This is done in two steps: cutting The green card is valid from 9 to 5-6 months and reduce to The interval between the second and third vaccination is 4 months. In fact, experts believe that booster It is the only shield that can hold back the progress varante Omicron. And to allow Italy to retain this advantage, compared to other European countries, which at least for the time being are moving away from our country the hypothesis of new closures with curfews, bans on travel between regions, closures and other measures that citizens suffered last winter, before the success of the vaccination campaign (where 47 million people have been immunized).

There are currently just over 15 million Italians who have resorted to the third dose. Very few, according to experts, especially since yesterday, new positives were 30,798 (the highest number since November 2020), 153 deaths (not many recorded since May 27) and the number of admissions to intensive care exceeded a thousand (1012). ). Hence the plan, which has been scrutinized in these hours by the Aifa (the Medicines Agency) and the Extraordinary Commissioner Francesco Figliolo who has to deal with the stock of available reinforcements, to reduce the time that must elapse from 5 to 4 months between the second and third administration.


In Europe, many countries have already taken this route to counter Omicron. The first was the United Kingdom, where the variable broke all records (90 thousand new positives), and yesterday it was Germany’s turn, where the German Vaccine Committee (Stiko) recommended the administration of The third dose three months after the second. And Switzerland, which fell to four of 6 months.

In parallel, and to encourage citizens to strengthen the Christmas Ordinance – On the agenda tomorrow after the IHS ‘Quick Scan’ sequence (issue) which will provide a picture of the penetration and prevalence rate of Omicron in Italy – will contain scissors scissors for green lane viability. This is because by reducing the duration of the Green Corridor to 5-6 months, millions of citizens vaccinated between late summer and early fall will have to take the third dose without waiting for February or March. Objective: to reduce hospitalization, given that the booster, according to the available data, reduces the risk of developing severe forms of Covid by 9-10 times.

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Other actions

As Draghi predicted on Monday, to raise the anti-Omicron wall and avoid new closures, the government is considering new measures. And the most important is The extension of the Super Green Corridor to the world of public and private workAfter making the vaccine mandatory for health officials, schools and law enforcement agencies. However, the association is slowing down and eventually it is not excluded that the enhanced card will be extended only to public and private sector workers who come into contact with the public, such as front-office state employees, cashiers, restaurants, waiters, etc.

While the outdoor mask obligation is given emphatically throughout the national territory (many municipalities and territories have already moved), there is a potential requirement that makes it necessary Ffp2 mask (which provides more than 90% protection) for bus and metro rides And entry to all indoor spaces open to the public such as cinemas, theaters, museums and gyms.

On the other hand, given the opposition of Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, President of Pa Renato Brunetta, Matteo Salvini and regional governors, the premise of making tampons mandatory (even for those with a Super Green pass) to go to the cinema or the theatre. However, the hypothesis of forcing testing (linked to a vaccine) in enclosed spaces without pre-assigned seating, such as parties, discos, and large events at risky gatherings, remains. Additionally, there is a move towards a ban (already enforced in many cities) for parties in the square on New Year’s Eve.

Depending on how deeply Omicron has penetrated Italy, the government will also adopt an extension of the Super Green Corridor. The hypothesis that makes it mandatory for ships, long-distance trains and planes to enter shopping centers is being studied. On the other hand, the hypothesis of imposing a booster pass on students has been disqualified. For Christmas Eve dinners and New Years Eve dinners with the family, there will only be recommendations, such as those made by the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Celeri: “I will not let No vax into my house, it is better that dinner be done between vaccinations.”

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