Passengers are claiming damages from MSC. ‘Devastated Vacation’

Venice – CallAn association that protects citizens Asks Damage to Master. Approximately forty out of more than a thousand advances Passengers On-board The Sinfonia ship has been closed for about 30 hours in Porto Marghera before you can sail. We remember that the ship should have departed on Saturday, April 23, at 4 p.m., on a one-week cruise with various destinations between Montenegro and Greece. But due to a technical malfunction, she was only able to walk the sea route on Sunday, April 24th, at 9pm. In those thirty hours, the ship and its passengers were blocked in Porto Marghera with the view of containers and cranes, among others on a very sad rainy day. Mcs, during the break, offered a visit to Venice, which was attended by about five hundred passengers. However, for late departure, he established a compensation of thirty percent of the amount spent. However, the class action passengers are asking for more: a refund of three-fifths of the expenses incurred for the cruise, plus €500 for each ruined vacation and insufficient communications.

Claim for compensation for lost vacation

“After the long layover in Porto Marghera, when we were finally able to leave, the ship ran very slowly for the first 30 hours, until it reached Split – says Luca Canal, 57, a Venetian now living in Padua, on the Symphony With three friends and now among the cruise passengers promoting the warning against MSC – some expected destinations were skipped on our cruise, so we didn’t see neither Santorini nor Mykonos.Our holiday, between the terminal in Porto Marghera and then the slow cruise, was devastated.This is why we turned to an association Codes to protect us and to claim damages. The warning has already been sent and other travelers, who, like us, believe they have suffered damages, can also participate in legal action.”

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Passengers vs. Master

The passengers then turned to Codes Consumer Association and entrusted their affairs to attorney Stefano Gallotta. The warning has already been sent to MSC: In the end, cruise passengers are asking to reimburse three-fifths of the expenses they incurred for the holiday aboard Symphony, plus €500 for each destroyed holiday and disregard for communications as required by tourism law. After all, each passenger Master asks, between compensation and compensation, about a thousand euros.

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