Passengers (accidentally) blocks the door of the plane, the pilot is forced to enter through the window –

The desire for extremes, one thinks so recently Everything and the opposite of everything happens on passenger planes. Indeed, if, on the other hand, the case of a South Korean who managed to open the door of an Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 during its landing on Friday 26 May caused a stir, Practically the opposite episode It had happened just two days earlier on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Sacramento, California.

To explain what happened, by A Note sent to CNNThe American company itself was: «During boarding procedures, while other passengers and flight attendants were on board – we read -, A customer opened the front bathroom door and inadvertently pushed and locked the cockpit door (and locked it) While the pilots who will manage the flight were preparing to board.” With access to the controls blocked from the inside, the aircraft was at that point in danger of taking off with a significant delay. There was only one way to fix it: To have a pilot enter the cabin by “sneaking” through a window (which can be opened from the outside for safety reasons), and so it was.

To immortalize the moment with his smartphone, he shared the bizarre snapshot the next day on TwitterHe was a passenger in line to board the plane. «It’s amazing that this pilot went out of his way to start this flighthe declared CNNrevealing that the plane finally took off with the sun eight minutes. Southwest responded on Twitter, “Well, this is definitely something you don’t see every day.” But how is it possible that the cabin door could not be opened from the outside? It wasn’t specified by the carrier, but the most likely guess is that it was left open with an extension “lock” command (designed to avoid intrusions especially during takeoff and landing maneuvers) is still being inserted.

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