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The 2022-2023 figure skating season will conclude with World Cup 2023, a biennial team competition held in Japan, this year in the capital, Tokyo. Today, Monday, March 27, the International Ski Federation Make the six competing teams officialincluding Italy as expected.

Playing at the top of the podium according to the results of the sports year They will be the hosts of Japan (9453 points), the United States (8721), Canada (5978 points), Korea (5477), Italy (5260) and France (3943). All teams, with the exception of junior South Korea, They have already participated at least once in the review.

Let’s remember the formula. Each team will have one A total of six repsFour of the singles major (two males and two women), one for couples and artists for dancing. Points will be awarded for each placement in the sectors. The team that wins the most points will win the title.

Figure Skating, World Cup 2023: Italy, with nine on the report card, is now considering the Team World Cup

Needless to say, not like this year, that The Italian team will have the opportunity to climb for the first time in the history of his platform. In fact, given that Japan and the United States are out of the game, our boys will play for it Maybe with Canada, in an effort to solidify its position in dance and pairs and to handicap North Americans at least in the men’s competition. But it is too early to reckon. The picture will be clear once all calls have been issued.

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