Part Tesla, part Mazda: The prototype of the puzzles – electric

This could be the work of a local body shop, but there’s also the possibility that Tesla just put one of its first affordable electric mules on the road.

Part Tesla, Part Mazda: Prototype Puzzles

driving that Tesla Its global position in the electric vehicle segment was certainly not dictated by the affordability of its models. Very soon, however, a smaller and cheaper battery-powered car developed by the American manufacturer will see the light of day, even if we don’t yet know for sure when it will debut. Meanwhile, a mysterious electric prototype of a compact SUV has been discovered on the road that combines some elements of various Tesla models with others from Mazda CX-30.

the Zebra camouflage lining that surrounds this compact, battery-powered crossover doesn’t actually prevent us from defining the exterior configuration of the prototype itself: the entire front fascia, including bumpers, headlights and bumpers, as well as the LED taillights, appears to come from a Tesla Model 3, while the hoods The aerodynamic wheels (the latter concealing Tesla’s trademark red-painted brake calipers) appear to derive from the Model Y; However, all the rest of the body, from the side profile to the doors through the side and rear panels, except for the aforementioned lighting units, appears to come from the Mazda CX-30. Why was a prototype of this type road tested? It’s hard to give an answer: As Carscopes reports, it could simply be someone’s work Your local body shopbut there’s also the remote possibility that Tesla used a Mazda chassis for one of its cheapest electric mules ever.

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