Paris steals a work from the museum thinking it’s a jacket –

to Laura Zangarini

“Old Masters” is the work of Catalan artist Oriol Vilanova, which was stolen by a 72-year-old pensioner. As soon as she got home, I made her measure by sewing

a blue jacketHanging on a hook, visitors can wear it freely. In the pockets a series of Browsing postcardscompiled by the author in 15 years. “Old masters”the work of the Catalan artist Oriol Vilanova On display as part of a retrospective of contemporary artists in Picasso Museum in ParisIn the very central area of ​​Le Marais, the eighth of March suddenly appeared vanishement. On the white wall of the gallery only mefor hook Next to it is a file painting With the title of the work, date and author’s name.

The alarm was not issued (the work, at the request of its author, “can be manipulated” by the audience), but Surveillance Cameras They got everything back. In particular Distinguished old lady This, after carefully looking at the work jacket, pulled towards the hook and carelessly, after carefully folded “Old masters”Put it in his bag and walk towards the exit. And as soon as he gets home, take her to the seamstress for her work fall short About thirty centimeters long, without thinking, not even for a second, at destroying a art object. there he is.

The search for “stolen goods” was in vain. Fifteen days after the theft, he became a 72-year-old retired Parisian art lover Return to the museumas if nothing had happened, and stopped himWatching people. When they accused her of theft, she fell from the clouds. “She would never have allowed herself to steal a work of art,” he said. Didn’t think it was just Museum piece. The “Old Masters” were found in his house. Duly abbreviated based on t . measurementsproperty company. After interrogation, the “thief” was able to return to his home without any other consequences remind”. As a source close to the Parisian affair points out, he will be under tutelage and will not be in complete possession of his mental faculties.

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