Paris Marathon and Berlin Half Marathon, there is a lot of Italy

PARIS – Twelve seconds after a personal best match. Yassin Al Azraq Fatah Closes at 2h10:22 in the marathon Paris With the second performance in his career, to come close to his record 2h10:10 sealed in Seville two years ago, to finish thirteenth. It is a confirmation of the standard-bearer Circolo Minerva Parma, who turns forty a few days ago, who in the last RomaOstia half-marathon dropped to 1h01:44. In recent seasons, Emilian has revealed himself with a streak of progression until he was called up for the Tokyo Games, where he was in Forty-seventh place in the streets of Sapporo.

An Ethiopian double in the French capital’s classic marathon with Deso Gilmesa’s success at 2h05:07 to outrun Sevo Tora (2h05:10) but the home crowd rejoiced in third place for Mawrid Amdoni who broke the national record with a time of two hours and 25 minutes. , more than a minute less than the time of 2h06:36 (already the European record) held by Benoit Zwierzchlewski in 2003. The transalpine is thus the fourth ever in the continental range of over 42,195 kilometres. Kenyan Judith Geptum edges out at 2h19:48 against Ethiopians Fantu Jimma (2h22:52) and Besu Sado (2h23:16) on a cool but sunny morning in the city of the next Olympic Games, which will be held in 2024.

Berlin – Lots of progress for the Azure in the Half Marathon Berlin. From the German capital comes Peter’s sharp tone to support who drops to 1h01:36, with ninth in the race, to continue his good moment two weeks after breaking the Italian 10km record (27:50 in Laredo, Spain) that he had already set last season. The 24-year-old Piedmont driver from Fiamme Oro is back for growth at 21,097 kilometres, more than three years after the 1h02:19 time obtained in Valencia in October 2018. And his successor, Xavier Chevrier (Atl. Bergamasche Leffe), 12th with 1h01:58 overtaking himself by about a minute and a half, given that his limit was 1h03:25 in 2020 in Verona. And so the Aosta Valley, already European gold in mountain running in 2017, is proving fully competitive on the road as well. Almost identical improvement to Nekagenet crepe (Army), 14th place at 1h02:01 with the personal record clearly lit by the former tricolor champion compared to 1h03:23 two years ago, always halfway from Verona. 23-year-old Lombard Adem also scored wedge (Caivano Runners) by scoring 1h04:04 in 30th place. Among the women, Giovanna finishes in tenth place Episodes, a stone’s throw from the best character. The blue marathon runner closes in 1:11:07, just six seconds more than the trial that awarded the Italian title to Venice from the Carabinieri at the National Parade last November in Rome.

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