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Parachelna, the southern Australian country where only six people live

Before entering the Australian desert north of Adelaide, embark on an exciting adventure into a rugged and inhospitable authentic Outback, around southern Australia, Passengers should stop at ParachelnaIt is a small railroad city where only six people live.

Small town? Yes, because in Australia there is no need to locate a “city”: a phone booth, an ATM, a mailbox, a bar. And Parachelna has it all (or rather, just that).

The extraordinary “city” is at the gates Flinders Ranges National Park It is located on the railway that was previously connected to The Gan Line that crosses Australia from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. The Ghanaian whose name comes By Afghan camel drivers who were brought to Australia in the nineteenth century to help explore the then unknown desert. The longest north-south railway line in the world, and as of today, a passenger train travels nearly 3,000 kilometers in 48 hours.

Today the trains do not stop at Parachelna but the little old station still stands, like an old fortress in front of the barren and boundless red lands.

The extraordinary city An excellent starting point for day trips to the desert, Discover hidden mountain ranges and valleys, 4×4 adventures, trekking and sightseeing tours on foot, horseback or mountain bike, and test tours in contact with indigenous communities.

I am Stunning views Those that can be admired from here, and which fascinate especially at sunset, are those deities Monty Flinders, A series of intermittent and rough chains that extend for about 500 kilometers, and the plains that have no boundaries Lake Torrence, A large, ephemeral salt lake flowing after heavy rain through the Pirie-Torrens Pass towards Spencer Bay.

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So, Parashelna’s appeal is undisputed Il Briar Hotel, The last place to stay before the desert was renovated in 1997 keeping the original historic building unchanged. Prairie pride is so-called “wild cuisine”: in fact, the hotel’s restaurant serves Authentic Australian cuisine, Flinders Feral Food, and it allows you to try local produce that is often unknown to foreign guests.

Which majors? Camel fillet, croutons baked with ash with emo pat salad, cheese salad, pizza and stuffed sandwiches.

In short, the outback town is an oasis of refreshment before exciting adventures.

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