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Chernobyl Will get out of itEarly access In 2021, as planned at the start of Early Access, and it will also be translated into Italian. So the pandemic did not force developers to delay the launch, as it did in many other games, despite the fact that there was a slight shift forward in deployment, compared to the initial plans.

The news was given themselves on Steam, where in a long post they assessed the situation, and announced that they would soon be relayed. date of publication Official version 1.0 which will fall in the second quarter of 2021.

addition Translation In Italian thanks to the publisher All in! The Games, which funded more languages ​​than originally planned (there were only two languages: Russian and English) The addition of these specific languages, which also includes a full review of the texts, led to the slightest deviation we were talking about above. This isn’t a real delay, given that the release date has not yet been set, but the youth of The Farm 51 still want to bring the news to their community as a matter of fairness.

else Great news: Contents initially planned as DLC It will be directly integrated into the final release, with MegaPatch launching next winter. So anyone who bought Chernobylite in Early Access, or funded it during a Kickstarter campaign, would have it all without spending an extra penny. Only good news, in a nutshell.

Chernobyl 23

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