Pancreatic Cancer, “5 Year Survivor.” He collects a torrent of donations for the chemo, but they are all fake. Capture the girl

I have a tumor the size of an A football In my lower back it wraps around my spine. I don’t have five years left to live, ”he said in his video calls. She said she was diagnosed cancer Advanced pancreatic cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

It showed itself among the medical equipment of thehospital where he was treated. And as support for these therapies, he has raised $37,000 in online donations. It was a pity that this was not a hospital room, but his home, which he had artfully dressed to carry out his scam. no one Illnessno tumor. The discovery, it was Arrested.

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False cancer to collect money and catch it

The protagonist of the scam is 19 years old, Madison Marie Russo, from Bettendorf, Iowa. It was some doctors who revealed it. They reported her to the police after carefully watching the videos she was uploading Tik Tokpretending to undergo chemotherapy. Too many “out of tune” details. It is even dangerous, as specialists claimed that the “phased” images of her with medical equipment placed on her body had “terrible errors that even pose a danger to health, if not life.”


The girl turned her apartment into a fake hospital. Police found several pieces of evidence, including an IV with a feeding pump that he had filled with cotton balls. The 19-year-old also stole photos of cancer patients that were posted on social media and shared them as her own. In the videos, she said doctors gave her five years to live after her alleged diagnosis in February 2022.

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His story moved the feelings of many. Donations came from 493 public and private entities, including national and local cancer control companies and institutions, school districts, universities and citizens. She was interviewed by a local newspaper about her battle with cancer and made guest appearances on reality events to talk about her health. But the police – who chased after her after the doctors tipped off – discovered she was actually living quietly: She even had a part-time job and quietly played golf.

the conditions

Medical records from Genesis, Trinity, and Steed Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City showed that although Russo was their patient, she was never treated for cancers or tumors. His home was searched: police confiscated his car, a bag of medical supplies, bank documents, an IV stand with a feeding pump filled with cotton balls, a masked wig and nausea pills.


Russo was arrested and charged with first degree robbery as the investigation into the suspected fraud continued. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison. She was released from the Scott County Jail after posting a $10,000 cash bond and is awaiting a court appearance. Her trial will take place on March 2. Using a GoFundMe account, he has collected nearly $37,000 in donations.

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