Palermo, Fiama cinema reopened: in 2023 it will become a gym

In 2023, the Fiamma cinema in Largo degli Abeti will reopen its doors. Ten years after its closure, it will come back to life as a gym at the Body studio circuit, which will therefore have five locations in the city. It will be the Fiamma Body studio. But the historical structure of 1954, in the heart of all the inhabitants of the Palermitans, will not be disturbed. The 700 square meter cinema hall with its own screening stage will become a fitness space. As you follow the lessons of the different sports disciplines, the themed images will be scrolled on the screen and the films will also be shown.

“The adventure of the Viama cinema is a great emotion for us – says Giorgio Tropiano, Director of Body Studio Centres – it is a piece of the history of this city coming back to life after ten years of oblivion. A place in the heart of Palermo that we intend to respect. Indeed, we define an architect He can think of a non-surgical renovation project with respect to historical cinema.”

An investment of nearly €2 million between the purchase of the property and all the work needed to reopen the structure.

“From September, potential users will be able to pre-register at the new gym – says Tropiano – to start activities at the beginning of 2023, in the meantime, they will obviously be able to attend our other centers in the city,” Tropiano says.

It will also be reborn as Largo degli Abeti. “The idea is to make the most of the outdoor space in front of the cinema entrance as much as possible for sports activities, which is clearly a public space. And in this case also with the utmost respect for context by using special headphones to follow the activities we actually buy.”
After all licenses are obtained, the renewal work will begin. The cinema closed in 2013 amid a crisis that overwhelmed the sector. Then in 2014, the owners tried to turn it into a live music venue but to no avail. Then in 2021 the property ended up being sold on real estate websites. Now a new story begins with the body studio.

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