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Zardari asks judiciary to refrain from politics


Former President of Pakistan and Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari has advised to judiciary that they should not involve in political issues and should avoid making decisions for cases of political nature.


“Justice should not only be done but also be seen to be done,” he said in a statement issued just after the decision made by the Lahore High Court in which the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and the Pakistan Awami Tehrik were asked to strike down their “unconstitutional” marches on Thursday.

The former president also recommended to the government to allow the PTI and the PAT marches and do not block the roads.


He also said holding peaceful demonstrations was a basic democratic right of people and political parties.

Asif Zardari, who is not in the country these days, issued an Independence Day message demanding them to protect the democracy against any threats.

He said people should beware of creepy machinations of the enemies of democracy who appeared to have suddenly and mysteriously become active again.

“Let us on this occasion resolve to squarely face the enemies of democracy and not let them derail democratic institutions of the state. Let us resolve to collectively protect and defend democracy and to make Pakistan a truly modern, dynamic and progressive country in which there will be no place for military, extremism and dictatorship.”

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