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Zaid Hamid died during custody in Saudi Arabia: Rumours



Just In: Zaid Hamid is fine, wife denies reports of death


The famous analyst of Pakistan was detained few months ago over making hate-speeches against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while being in the Kingdom. In the light of the Saudi law, he was sentenced over disgracing the Saudi government.
He was sentenced for 8 years in jail and 1,200 lashes by a Saudi court for speaking against the government.

Soon after the court’s decision, a sort of mixed response had been received over that matter. Since Hamid is appreciated and followed by large number of Pakistanis, they condemned the KSA, while those who disliked him, had expressed their willingness to punish Hamid.

Now, the rumour that he is killed in custody is also spread on media in no time. However, as far the authenticity of the news, it can’t be certain and no declaration can be made over the matter that whether he is really killed or it’s mere a rumour.

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  1. Just shows how rubbish the newsteller.com is, completely fabricated by using somebody’s tweet, totally pathetic

  2. who will now be the commander in chief of gazwi hind! joker was highly entertaining !

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