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YouTube blocked in Pakistan 2015


Nearly three years are about to complete since the famous video sharing website YouTube has not been accessible in Pakistan.


The site has been blocked in the country since 2012 due to hosting the ‘Innocense of Muslims’, a film that provoked violent protest around the world.

At that time, the Supreme Court ruled at that the site should be banned until a way was found to block all blasphemous content.


Although, the site had an immense following and users in Pakistan as well, the government and the concerned authorities had been forced to prolong the ban on the site. Many demanded that it should not be opened again till the removal of the objectionable content from it.

However, in spite of the restriction on this site, number of other such sites got space and opportunity to replace YouTube. So, instead following YouTube, the users in Pakistan have worked out other such ways that could provide them the alternative to the site.

But, the original user of the YouTube is still longing to see this site working in Pakistan. Many users want the restriction on YouTube to be pulled off so that they could enjoy it again.

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