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Word Press blocked in Pakistan due to security reasons


ISLAMABAD: Sources told that, largest blogging platform of the WordPress.com has been temporarily banned in Pakistan. This step is taken due to the security reasons on order of Pakistan Telecommunication authority.


Some officials told on not revealing their names that this step of blocking WordPress  is due to March 23 national in the capital of Pakistan, they also told that intelligence agencies working in Pakistan think that WordPress is used by the terrorists as way of communication.

Sources also told that ban imposed would be lifted in next two days, hopefully.


WordPress.com hosts huge number of blogs across the world and also has large number of its users in Pakistan. It is used all across the globe as medium for bloggers and citizen to express their point of view.

A recent study by Freedom House in December states that attempts by Pakistan government to curb access to content online while seeking it in accordance of the laws that limit civil liberties online, Pakistan is among the 10 worst countries for internet freedom.

It is also said that PTA blocks site without giving any prior notice, and it is also said that impose ban on what they think is not appropriate for society. As in the basic human rights, “Freedom of Expression”, the act of PTA is clear violation of this basic human right, an official said.

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