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A woman burnt to death after declining the proposal in Toba Tek Singh


Toba Tek Singh: A young woman is blazed to death in Chak# 296-GB, Toba Tek Sing when she rejects the proposal from her suitor.


The police have arrested the suspect along with the canister used in pouring petrol over the girl. The culprit is moved to some unknown place where he is being investigated while the case is filed in the local police station.


The tragedy took place when the suspect visited the girl’s home with a proposal of courtship which turned down by the lady. Consequently, the rejection infuriated the man who could not forebear his anger and lit the girl with fire. The victim was taken to the District Headquarter Hospital but she could not be cured during the treatment and yielded to death.

The victim’s family protested over the inhumane act by the criminal and demanded justice over the matter. The girl’s family also revealed that the suspect had been vexing the family in the past as well.


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